How to find the Right Lawyer

Finding a Lawyer that you can work with comfortably can be a tedious task. Lawyers specialize in many different fields. You have to find one that can cater to your legal needs.

You might find one that that qualifies, but then again there is always that chemistry that you need, in order to work harmoniously together. Why? You may ask. Let face it, Lawyers are people with high self-esteem and very confident (it’s not like they have a choice, its part of their job description) not everyone can feel at ease in working with a lawyer; they might feel intimidated or scared. That is the reason why, one must always schedule a lawyer for an initial consultation first before they would hire the lawyer.injury litigation

Let us not forget about your checklist. One must have your own list of qualities, characteristics that you want the person handling your personal and legal matters have. Most people who are looking for a lawyer always have a checklist. You can’t just hire a lawyer right there and then without even looking at some of the basic qualifications. Here are some of the ways you can search for that perfect lawyer. Always look for (1) Recommendations, Yes always check if you know a friend who has a friend that knows a lawyer, Word of mouth is the best source for any juicy buzz about a lawyers capabilities but then again always check if your sources are reliable next is (2) Track record, if you think you found the right one always double, triple or quadruple check the track record and history, nothing beats a good performance history for any time of job.

Last one is (3) Professional Fee, the most crucial part. Some lawyers pay is as expensive as your car. However there are lawyers who can work with you on a budget, who can offer world class service at very minimum rate, they can discuss with you the methods on how lawyers will be charging, the first one will be (1) per hour rate, second is (2) flat fee, the third is (3) contingent fee, if it’s a winning case of there is a positive feedback, lawyers will get a percentage of the damages awarded give to his client. Fourth is (4) statutory fee and the last is (5) Retainer fee. But if you’re really in a situation that you can barely make it day by day, there is an always pro bono service. Probono Lawyers are private practitioner who offers free services from time to time.

With all the commotion pestering you regarding the legal issues in your life, make sure you hire someone that you know you can trust always trust your gut feeling, it is there for that very purpose.


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